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What You Should Consider When Buying Pet Hair Vacuums

Most pet lovers make mistakes when it comes to the topic of vacuum cleaners. They don’t understand what to look for when they are purchasing a vacuum cleaner to clean the fur from pets. Following the numerous complaints from numerous clients, it is crucial to enlighten pet lovers on the things they should look for when buying a vacuum to clean up pet hair. If you are one of the pet lovers, here is what you should consider.

The Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners are essential if you want to keep your house free from pesky animal hair. However, vacuum cleaners are not all equal and not all vacuums cleaners are designed for animal far. Pet hair vacuums have high suction power meant to get rid of the irritating pet fur. Therefore, you should make sure you buy a cleaner that has sufficient sanction power.

How can you tell the suction power of a vacuum cleaner? All cleaner comes with detailed specification list that you can look at to know about the suction power. Mostly, 12 amps power would be enough. If you have to choose between varying vacuum cleaners, you can put your hand over the nozzle to assess the suitability of each of them. However, you cannot directly tell if a vacuum cleaner can get rid of pet hair in your house. To get a perfect vacuum cleaner, you need to check other added features (exclusive technologies) that help increase its cleaning effectiveness.

Head And Brush bar

Head and the size of the brush bar are other factors to consider if you want to get rid of clingy and stubborn pet hair. For effective cleaning, you should choose the right tools to clean fur. Besides, you should pick a vacuum cleaner that has height adjustment features to help choose the right brush bar height. Such a vacuum cleaner will have a good seal against the floor and will make it easy to clean pet fur and various debris. The head should also be easy to move up a bit so as to enable more easy pushing. An easy-to-push vacuum cleaner is efficient, and it means you will be able to do your cleaning without much workload.

If you are not careful about the head and brush bar, chances are that your floor or carpet will wear our prematurely due to dirt. Not to mention that oil from your pet’s hair will remain in the carpet making it look old and wearily.

The Manufacturer

Some companies are better in vacuum cleaner making than others. Reputable manufacturers use premium materials and standard technology to ensure their vacuum cleaners come with an impressive cleaning efficiency. Cleaners from credible manufacturers are versatile and durable. No one wants to keep spending their money on vacuum cleaners especially in these hard economic times. For this reason, you should be careful and make sure you invest in a vacuum cleaner that comes from a credible manufacturer.

The filtration System
If you are keen to learn how a vacuum cleaner works, you will realize that a remarkable filtration system is essential for the efficiency of any vacuum cleaner. From junk lifting to moving the dirt through the vacuum before it’s loaded in a bag, the filtration system should work conveniently. If the filtering system is not working, dirt will be thrown back in the room.

How can you determine if a filtration system is sufficient for animal fur cleaning? Well, you just have a look at the number of filters. Mostly a vacuum with two HEPA filters is preferable because they are capable of cleaning debris and pet fur as small as 0.003 microns. A good filtration system will help you get rid of debris instead of ‘rearranging the dirt in your house’. It will even get rid of fine particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.


A good vacuum cleaner should be safe and easy to use. To guarantee easy cleaning, go for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to detach and use. It should be easy to carry around to ensure you reach every part of your house. Besides, you should make sure you invest in a vacuum cleaner that is safe to use, and you may need to have it tested before you leave the shop. If it is too sophisticated for you to use, then seek guidance. You are likely to avoid any challenges when you choose the reputable brands with a warranty from the manufacturer.

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