Top Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Are you planning to take your dog along when you go on your next holiday? Ask any person who has attempted this before, and they will tell you that it is not as easy as you think; especially if it is the first time you are trying it. Many people also find it tough because they don’t prepare adequately for the journey. When traveling with your dog, you need to perform the same kind of preparation, even more. Failure to have the right necessities and ignoring the guidelines can make the holiday a nightmare. Let us consider these needs.

Food and Water

You must make sure you pack enough food for your dog. What you want to avoid is stopping alongside the road to buy dog food only to find a brand that your dog isn’t get used to. Taking such a step can cause stomach upset, which might result in diarrhea and vomiting. Remember, your dog cannot adjust to a new brand of dog food within just minutes – it might take weeks or even months.

Additionally, you need to have plenty of water when traveling with the dog. Have some bottled water and carry your pet’s favorite bowl to use when serving it. Usually, when traveling, give the dog some water when you make a bathroom stop.

Have a Crate

When traveling, have a crate for the dog to sit in during the ride. The crate offers comfort and a sense of security for the dog. Make sure the crate you select isn’t too big nor too small, just the right size for the dog to feel comfortable, take a nap and be able to stand up and turn around.

Using a crate acts as a safety measure. When you travel long distances, the possibility of braking suddenly is high. Such a sudden stop can make the dog hit its head or hurt himself. One way to prevent such accidents is to have a crate.

To make the crate more comfortable, place a cushion or a pillow inside for the dog to get comfortable especially during long drives. To prevent fatigue from sitting too long, make sure you walk your dog during bathroom stops to give them an opportunity to stretch their legs and to remain calm when in the car.

Have a Playpen

Having a crate is ideal for keeping your dog café and comfortable within the car, but what do you do if you must stop over at a friend’s or relative’s house? Dogs find it hard adapting to a strange environment; this is where the playpen comes in handy. A dog playpen is a portable enclosure with a roof that you assemble and disassemble it as necessary. You can find out more at

If you plan on visiting relatives during the holiday, a playpen is the best solution to your needs. Make sure you get one that is big enough to give your dog enough space to romp. It should also be able to accommodate the dog’s bowls, favorite toys, and a blanket. The ease of use of playpens makes it easy to set up in any area, whether in a room in the house or out in the yard.

The aim of the playpen is to simulate a home environment. The dog will be in its familiar enclosure surrounded by items that it is used to. You will also be nearby to allay any anxiety that the dog might develop. An anxious dog might exhibit strange behavior such as barking and chewing unnecessarily, which might disturb your hosts.

Final Thoughts

Taking your dog with you when going on holiday can be an enjoyable time, only if you are prepared for the trip. You need to have essential items that your dog will need. Proper preparation not only makes it easy for you to enjoy the trip knowing your dog is fine, but it also keeps the dog save during the long drive.