Tips for the Perfect Proposal

Are you ready to pop the question yet you don’t know how to make the whole proposal special? Getting the perfect way to say the four little but important words can be challenging even for the romantic at heart. You might be thinking that it has to be something she can never forget, but don’t forget the personalization part where it all blends in.

Don’t worry though; we have a few ideas that will add some magic to the proposal. Here are some of the tips to help you take the day to a new level.

Get the Perfect Destination

While this can be a restaurant or someplace special, make sure the venue has all you need to make the day special. If you can’t find a venue that suits you, and then find somewhere that you have never gone before so that you add something special to the whole proposal.

Have the People Who Care Close By

You can surprise your lady by having a few friends and family members close by when you propose. This can be over a family dinner or just a gathering. Or you could arrange so that they are out of view until she says yes, then they can come out to congratulate both of you on the achievement. This gives the best of both worlds – you enjoy an intimate moment alone and then afterwards have the people you love to share in the happiness.

If you want everyone to share in the fun, then you can make it part of the holidays when everyone is around for New Year or Christmas.

Have a Professional Photographer at Hand

The photographer can hang near the proposal area and secretly capture amazing shots of the proposal right from the time you arrive at the time everyone comes in. Expert photographers know how to capture the perfect shot in the available light and make the setting look more.

The photographer can position himself perfectly to get the perfect shot of the reaction of the bride when she finally realizes what is happening. Don’t invest in just any photographer who has a camera, always go for a pro. For more information on pro photography, consult a reputable photographer.

You can use the photographs in different ways. For one, you can have an album showing the images and keep it as a memoir of the day. You can also surprise your lady with the photos as a wedding gift.

Add Some Music

If you have a song that means something to you, this is the perfect time to use it. You can as well use her favourite tune to show her that the day is specially meant for her. Having a meaningful and sweet tune makes the proposal unforgettable.

If you are to dance to any song, it has to be a slow dance. It doesn’t matter who is around, or whether there is music playing or not. Just pull her close and take her on a slow dance that will last in her mind forever.

Play Around With Flowers

Flowers help make the mood romantic. You can get symbolic with the flowers that you use. For instance, if you have known her for ten years, then go for a bouquet of ten roses. If you have known each other for a short time, go for a flower for each month that you have been dating.

Have the Right Words to Say

You can have the perfect plan, but if you don’t know what to say, your proposal might be a flop. Don’t just tell her what you have been saying all the years; add in some new things that she has never heard before. This is the time you need to talk about your future and what it means to you.

Whatever you say, avoid reading the words from a speech that you have prepared in advance. This will sound awkward and she might think that you got the speech from an online platform.

In Closing

A proposal is a special day for both you and your soon-to-be wife. You need to come up with the best setting in order to make this the perfect day for both of you.

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