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Tiny things to brighten up your day

Do you ever get to work on a Monday morning and wonder how your coworkers can be so happy and smiley? Or perhaps you’d like to know just where your friends get all that energy from when you meet up on a Friday evening? How come some people are just so chirpy and bright all the time, when you seem to wallow, exhaustedly trying to escape your swamp of misery and bitterness. So, what’s their secret? What’s this amazing elixir that they all seem to know about but continues to elude you?

The answer might well be: nothing in particular. That’s right, there may be nothing we can specifically point at and say “that’s the reason those guys are happier than you are”. However, there may be a myriad of small things that they have in their lives which continually add notches on their happy scale throughout the day.

Let’s see how you could do this. Your alarm goes off in the morning. Your bed is nice and warm, everywhere else is cold. You want to sleep more and it makes your blood boil that you have no choice but to get up, out into the freezing cold and off to your miserable job yet again. You have no time for breakfast but you find a couple of chocolate bars in the door of your car which will have to make do. They’ll wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels all day.

It doesn’t have to be like this every day. Firstly, you could have gone to bed earlier instead of sitting on the couch, polishing off that bottle of red wine and watching some depressing soap opera. Had you gone to bed at a reasonable time, you may have woken with the sunrise, and with no need of an alarm. Having anticipated this, you would have set your heating to come on twenty minutes before sunrise, thus making the temperature of your room much more comfortable and allowing you to slip out of bed without thinking much of it. Being up at an earlier time, you would have been able to prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast, giving you all the vitamins and nutrients to keep your energy levels up for the day ahead.

Over breakfast you could be perusing the investments section of the newspaper, making plans for how to invest your savings. Perhaps you’ll quit your job and become a real estate developer? Maybe you’ll go back to university and study something worthwhile this time? Or perhaps you’ll go to live on a yoga retreat in India ad bid goodbye forever to the rat race. Whatever you do, you’ll have something to look forward to. With this in mind, you get yourself ready, taking advantage of the towel heater you installed in the bathroom to keep you warm, and enjoying the novelty of the fancy electric toothbrush you got from Toothbrush Best, knowing that your smile will be as wide and as white as anyone’s at work today – perhaps leading the management to notice you and recommend you for a promotion and a hefty pay rise.

There are minor changes we can make in pretty much every aspect of our lives to make ourselves happier. If you don’t have much of an imagination, or you lack creativity, why not start by making a list of things that irk you and then doing something about them? We’ve already seen that waking up to a cold room can be fixed, as can the problem of not having enough time in the morning. Can you think of a way to stop your back from hurting so much from not sitting properly on an ergonomically designed chair while at your desk? What about the coworkers who always seem to get your name wrong, just because you prefer not to wear the stupid company name badge you’re supposed to, as it makes you feel like less of an individual? If you can find a solution to problems like these, you can find a solution to anything.

Once you’re happy and showing it, you’ll attract more happiness. Don’t forget the old saying – “Misery loves company,but happiness just bounces around, occasionally knocking misery over without even noticing it”.

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