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Enjoy Outdoors With a Rock Solid Patio Heater

If you love staying outdoors or at the patio even in the cold winter then you should invest in the best patio heaters in the market. Many people love sitting at the veranda, balcony, or the lawn so as to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful surrounding, relax and become one with nature. Also, hosting guests outside is more fun and lively compared to indoors. Unfortunately, during the cold spells such as in winter, it becomes unbearable to stay outside for long. In fact, the thought of the chilly weather outside kills the whole idea of the beautiful outdoor. I mean, who wants to freeze outside while it is cozy and warm inside the house?

060557Well, it doesn’t have to be a scary thought to sit outside and marvel at nature during the cold season. You can still throw a garden party, sit at the patio, or enjoy a cup of tea outside in the cold weather. What you need is installing the right patio heater. This type of heater is also known as umbrella or mushroom heater and is designed to be used outside. It normally comes in a height of between 6 and 7 feet and features a fuel tank at the base, a long stem/stand, a burner at the top, and a heat reflector.

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The heater runs on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), butane, or propane. However, there are some modern varieties that are powered by electricity. The gas is burned at the burner at the top where a perforated metal screen allows heat to pass through and is directed downwards at 360 degrees. A curved metallic reflector that is located at the top helps disperse the heat better and evenly. This ensures that the people seated beneath and around the heating post enjoy the heat even in cold weather. Due to its design, the patio heater can be used in several locations and takes very little space thus minimizing any inconvenience.

There are all kinds of patio heaters that are readily accessible in the market. As a matter of fact, shoppers get overwhelmed by the many designs, brands, colors, sizes and more. This can at times be daunting especially for people who have never owned one. To get the best product it is vital to think of a number of things. These include rate of heat dispersion, energy efficiency, stability, cost, durability, and versatility among other issues. A good product is easy to operate and lights up instantly, it can be used on different areas whether the lawn, patio, garden, home, restaurant, or anywhere.


If you love staying outdoors, own a bar or restaurant, or are planning to host guests during the cold season such as in winter, then you will appreciate a patio heater. It will save you the trouble of squeezing people inside the room and missing the beautiful outdoors. For the best experience and user satisfaction it is essential to invest in the best patio heaters in the market. A good brand is not only easy to use, effective and reliable, but is pocket-friendly and conserves energy.

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