Review: Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pads


Today we look at one of the top mattress pad brands on the market – the Sunbeam heated mattress pad range, and why the pads from this manufacturer stand out. We tell you about the different benefits and downsides so that you make a decision when it comes to making a purchase.


Sunbeam is one of the leading producers of heated mattress pads. Sunbeam produces a wide variety of mattress pads that are made out of different kinds of top fabrics, different kinds of padding, different controls and different features, which also translate to different price points. The prices range depending on the features of each pad, therefore you need to look at the description of the mattress before you make a decision on what mattress pad to buy. You can check out all the different features by visiting MyMattressPads. The best thing about these mattresses is that all of them make use of the same heating technology and the same kind of heating wire.


  1. All the pads are machine washable and you can partly dry them in your home dryer. This makes them effortless to maintain.
  2. You have access to the same kinds of controls regardless of the kind of mattress pad – Queen, King and Cal. The controls allow you to regulate the warmth on your side of the bed, eliminating the need to adapt to a partner’s heat preference. You can choose between rotary dial controller and a digital push button model.
  3. All the mattress pads are certified to be safe for use, a fact that is attributed to the mattress having attained the safety agency ETL rating that conforms to UL Standard 964, making it safe to use.
  4. The controller comes with an auto-off feature that shuts down the heat after a specific time period. You can choose the controller to shut off the heat after 2, 4, 6 or ten hours. This helps you lower your home heating costs.


  1. Sunbeam has stuck to its older wiring technology, which means that the wires used in heating are a bit large and stiff. This makes it uncomfortable for you when using a lower priced model that has little or no padding.
  2. Because the controller contains a lot of components, it is bigger and can be uncomfortable to your feet.
  3. The system also gives you an option of wireless controllers. This is a good thing for one, but on the other side, the controllers are complicated to use and end up failing you when you need it the most.
  4. The mattress pad uses a single connector for dual control models. The single connector is usually located in the middle of the pad. The single connector can lead to confusion in the individual controllers especially for dual or twin mattress pad models.


If you are looking for variety, then consider the wide range of Sunbeam’s electric heated pads. The different price points are appealing especially to a wide range of customers who have different tastes. The mattress pad is constructed in such a way that it delivers optimum heat that you can control depending on your needs. The controllers allow you to adjust the heat to a certain point and decide when it goes off automatically. These pads are for those who are into safety as a primary concern and who are looking for a pad that can help them save heating costs. Make sure you also check out the cons such as the use of the older wiring technology and the side of the controllers before making the final purchase decision.

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