Have all Instagram Bots been shut down?

Not so long ago, Instagram Bots were viewed as a harmless safe way to manage and grow your account. However, Instagram views the use of Bots as unethical in growing your accounts following organically. Users that are Pro-Bot argue that they should be allowed to use this method as it is not the same as buying fake followers which were a popular approach in the past to grow Instagram accounts. This has led to a major dispute resulting in controversy of many popular Bots such as Instagress being shut down and no longer available anymore. This did not stop new emerging Bots offering their services in trying to replace Instagress as the number 1 Bot on the market. A lot of these Bots were effective and easy to operate, thus many users were pleased with the results of the new software. However, another big crackdown by Instagram at the end of last year resulted in more Bots being shut down. Leaving users disillusioned.

It has affected business as well as personal users. Many businesses use social media platforms especially Instagram for marketing purposes as it offers great opportunities to build and grow their brand. While connecting with current customers on an engaging level.

Both personal and Business levels are wondering whether to invest in the new Bots that are on the market but are unsure to which one is a safe, reliable and effective choice.

All of these Bots pretty much work the same and have similar features. They should increase the profiles following by interacting with related profiles and also keep current followers engaged. A Bot will do this on autopilot which will save you time when growing your account and brand

Almost all of the available Bots work the same and have similar features. They share the common goal which is to maximize your audience. This is done through interaction in order to grow your accounts following.

As mentioned before 2018, has already seen the launch of new Bot services. However, many people are still not convinced in investing in these new companies as they want a reliable and safe one to use. Current ones available on the market include:


    • Follow Adder
    • InstaQ
    • Instato

These Bots have similar features which are for function and performance in order to maximize the audience you reach through interaction and to grow your account following. The bots will not interact with every profile or random profiles, it will find hashtags and select specific users to engage with to find users that are relevant to your account.

A key management feature of the bot is that you can schedule your posts and this feature even allows you to schedule multiple posts throughout the day. This will allow you to maintain a consistent flow of content posted without oversaturating users feeds at once which people find annoying.

There are many choices claiming to be Top Instagram Bots it is important to pick one that is viewed safe and reliable and also relevant to your budget.

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