Do Police Officers Need ID Cards?

When a police officer is not wearing his/her uniform, it is almost impossible to separate him/her from the general public in the streets. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to have ID cards for police officers to carry when they’re not on duty or are uninformed. Other benefits of police ID cards include.

Quick Identification

You can quickly identify a police officer if he/she is wearing a badge. Besides, IDs make it possible for officers to recognize one another. In other words, an officer doesn’t have to make lengthy, unnecessary introductions – all he/she needs to do is to display the badge without saying a word.

IDs Come in Handy During Emergency Situations

Picture this; thieves have just broken into a building and are holding occupants hostage. Or, there is a bomb scare promoting the police to protect civilians. With an ID, a law enforcement officer can access any building in case of emergencies without facing resistance. Indeed, a police badge can be a lifesaver.

It Prevents Imposters

Anybody can claim to be a plain-clothed police officer. In fact, criminals know this and can quickly take advantage to terrorize or kidnap citizens in broad daylight. All one needs to do is to have a pair of handcuffs and a two-way radio to make people believe that he/she is a police officer. The case is different, however, with an ID badge. The law in most states compels policemen to show proof of identity before they can arrest or handcuff you.

It Helps Keep Police Officers “Safe”

The public knows that anybody can claim to be a police officer. In fact, there have been reported cases where officers have been beaten up by civilians on suspicion that they are criminals. A badge can help avert such situations by assisting law enforcement officers to show that they’re indeed members of the armed forces.

…the badge has to be unique though

When it comes to police ID cards, the template has to be different. The badge has to look as genuine as possible to serve its intended purpose. It must have a hologram and tamper-resistant to avoid counterfeits. The best card should have what is known as a smart-guard, a feature that prevents unauthorized printers from copying it. Of course, it ought to have a hopper showing the rank of the officer wearing it. The size has to be reasonable too to ensure that the badge is readable at a distance.

On that note, make sure that you choose a reputable company to make the badges for you. At the very least, they should design foolproof cards with solid security features. The templates have to be on point too. Speaking of templates, you can view some of the best police ID card templates here. Of course, your designer must offer competitive prices and a reasonable turn around time.

The Bottom Line

There are many reason police officers should have ID badges. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that the cards are of the highest quality possible. One more thing, the badge must have the officer’s signature and fingerprint.

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