Back Pain in Teens and Kids

While back pain is common in adults, teens and kids also get affected. However, this group doesn’t suffer the same kind of injuries that adults suffer from. In fact, the condition is not frequent in teens, with fewer cases being reported in kids.

Because teens and kids rarely suffer from the condition, medical personnel take any complaint seriously and results in a detailed examination and extensive diagnostic measures.

A visit to the doctor might result in radiological tests including MRI scan and x-ray, and a possible referral to a specialist to see what is wrong.

What Causes Back Pain in Kids and Teens?

The causes of back pain in kids and teenagers are more dependent on the age of the victim. This fact guides medical personnel in ruling out some causes and narrowing down to others.

    1. Younger Kids

Due to the low weight, kids are less likely to put a strain on the spine as compared to adults and older children. Most causes of low back pain in kids leads to pain that is not medically significant and that is short-lived.

Kids also tend to limit the level of activity, opting for low-energy exercises most of the time. Your kid will most likely avoid any activity that caused him pain in the past, which makes recovery faster as compared to older kids.

The occurrence of low back pain in kids is taken very seriously because this might signify a more serious condition, such as infection of the spine or a spinal tumour.

It is therefore important that you don’t ignore a complaint of back pain in a kid. It is also worse if the pain recurs without re-injury. You need to visit the doctor immediately for an extensive medical examination.

    1. Older Children

These tend to be more active and aggressive in their sports and daily activities. The aggressiveness puts stress on the soft tissues, bones and nerves in the back. Teens are also most likely to push their bodies to the limit, spurred on by adverts and the encouragement from their peers.

You tend to find more compression fractures in teens, with occasional injuries to the spinal discs. Stress injuries are also common, leading to injuries between the vertebral. Spinal compression injuries are not common in these children.

Despite the occurrence of back pain in this age group, older kids tend to go back to the issue that caused the problem in the first place. If it was a sport, they tend to go back to playing the sport regardless of what they have gone through.

For most of these injuries, Free Your Spine recommends a visit to the doctor, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Adequate rest is recommended and physical conditioning. The most common causes of these injuries in older teens include sports injuries and muscle overuse.


Back pain is common in adults, but it also occurs in kids and teens as well. The process is still the same when it comes to treatment through proper diagnosis and treatment.

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