The History and Evolution of Stand Mixers

Electric mixers have only been around for about one hundred years, yet they are now a “must have” for any serious chefs and/or bakers. Historically we really need to take a look at the whisk to see the evolution of the food mixers we use today. The first whisk The very first whisk dates to pre 19th century use of bundles of twigs from apple and peach trees being used to whisk and impart flavor at the same time. Cooks or servants would have spent a lot of time on…

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My Daughter's First College Date
Our LIfes

My Daughter’s First College Date

I’m the type of stern father that isn’t going let his daughter date just any old punk, and I made sure that she knew that going into college. I had been able to keep the nasty boys of high school away from her, and now I finally felt like it was time for her to be a “big girl”. I know we all experimented in high school, and I know that she understands all of the “safe aspects” that come along with dating – I’m not too worried about that.…

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Guide to Espresso Machines

Beginner’s Guide to Espresso Machines

So you want to invest on a fancy espresso machine? Well get your pen and paper and prepare to jot down some tips on how to buy the best espresso machine that suits your needs. Long has been the days that we all dream of being baristas, or maybe that’s just me, but I digress. Espresso is so elusive, so mysterious, so “je ne sais quoi.” It is widely popular all across Europe, and the good ol’ U.S. of A. is promptly catching up to the trend. Nobody can purchase…

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Bounce House in Mansfield

Tips When Renting Top quality Bounce Houses

Mansfield is a world class suburban city located in Texas. This city has many facilities that usually lure visitors as well as locals providing them with the perfect, flexile business opportunities and the best chances where they can always dedicate their time and enjoy more about life. Through this platform, many external investors have admired to settle in this wonderful place where there are a lot of quality and perfect business opportunities. Bounce house rental Mansfield Tx is one of these business activities that greatly make sure that people are…

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Home & Garden

Enjoy Outdoors With a Rock Solid Patio Heater

If you love staying outdoors or at the patio even in the cold winter then you should invest in the best patio heaters in the market. Many people love sitting at the veranda, balcony, or the lawn so as to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful surrounding, relax and become one with nature. Also, hosting guests outside is more fun and lively compared to indoors. Unfortunately, during the cold spells such as in winter, it becomes unbearable to stay outside for long. In fact, the thought of the chilly weather outside…

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