Are You Losing Instagram Followers Fast?

Today we explore one of the horrific situations that many marketers experience when using Instagram – losing followers. Losing followers happens in two ways, first, you are losing followers but gaining more than what you lose, therefore you won’t notice any changes. Another scenario involves losing followers without gaining any new ones. We are referring to the second scenario.

True, not everyone is going to love your content and your brand forever, but it is always a joy to see your account growing day by day. One of the ways you can achieve this is to use automation, an aspect that Fred Harrington writes about extensively. But first things first, let us look at the reasons that are draining your followers from your Instagram account.

Your Posting is Inconsistent

If you have noticed a steady flow of followers in the opposite direction, you might have a problem with your posting schedule. Users are interested in what you post and what you say. If you post haphazardly, you aren’t giving your audience a chance to get used to your information.

Don’t take ages to post new content, because as you sit and wait, you allow your competitors the chance to get the attention of the audience. On the other hand, if you post every five minutes, you flood your audience with lots of content that might not be so significant. The users get annoyed at the incessant posts and unfollow you.

Solution: The solution is simple – automate your posting. You can use a bot to come up with the right posting schedule for your accounts.

You Present a Poor First Impression

Whether you are going for an interview or you are heading to a blind date, first impressions matter a lot. It also carries a lot of weight on Instagram. The first impression a visitor has about your account dictates whether he continues following you or not.

Many users put so much effort in getting the right images and forget a crucial component of any profile – the bio. An empty bio shows the followers that you don’t have the audacity to introduce yourself to the masses. If the bio is complete, what information does it pass across? Can a casual look tell the guest who you are and what you do? Can the guest know where to get you when he needs your services?

If you haven’t filled out your profile, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Solution: A bot helps you maintain the image you portray on the profile. For instance, you can use the bot to grow your following so that any user that visits your account relates to the level of authority you command.

Hashtags are Not Your Friend

If you aren’t using hashtags, you are making a huge mistake. On the other hand, you might be using hashtags but not the right way. Hashtags are essential for your strategy to work best.

Solution: Bots help you localize your hashtags to a location or a keyword.

In Closing

Don’t sit and watch as your followers stream away from your account. Take time to get them and retain them using the right tips.

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