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Women in the world of HGVs

It’s no big secret that the world of heavy good vehicles has always been dominated by men. To this day, the sight of a female trucker descending from the cabin of a heavy vehicle is enough to turn heads and make people chatter. From top to bottom, the industry has definitely been considered to be a male niche, although things have slowly been changing. The very fact that you do see female lorry drivers these days is a departure from the recent past, when the idea itself was strange to…

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Are you being watched?

There is only one answer to this question: yes, of course you are being watched. If you manage to live your life away from closed circuit cameras, satellite imaging, credit card, internet, passport and any other trail which is used to keep tabs on people, the chances are that someone is looking for you. Privacy in the 21st Century has come to be almost synonymous with high levels of secrecy. While many decades ago it was possible for Nazi war criminals to ‘disappear’ from Europe to South America to live…

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